Why choose cigars for a Christmas gift?

Why choose cigars for a Christmas gift?

No, this is not a trick question! If you know someone who loves the occasional or frequent cigar, you just can’t go wrong with cigars as a Christmas gift. Any cigar lover will tell you there is no such thing as too many cigars; provided they have somewhere suitable to store them to keep them fresh and moist.

How do you know what to choose?

You may know a person’s favourite cigar, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. Each brand and type of cigar has a different flavour and aroma, so a cigar gift with a difference allows them to explore new possibilities and, who knows, they may discover something they prefer! To help you along the way, we have put together this handy guide to assist you in choosing the perfect Christmas cigar gift.

Are Cuban cigars the best?

Cuban cigars are arguably among the very best in the world. Simply Cigars offers you the most extensive choice of all the very best out of Cuba, with a wealth of famous brands to select from. However, some cigar experts believe Cuba’s cigar quality has been surpassed by Nicaragua and Honduras, so it’s well worth considering these countries for a high-end cigar gift.

Which is the most popular vitola?

The vitola denotes the length and diameter of a cigar and there are a vast array of options out there. The length can range from the short Cigarillo at around just three inches to the mighty Gran Corona at over nine inches, with a host of sizes in between. The diameter, known as the ring gauge, determines how a cigar smokes; with the fattest cigars offering a slower and cooler burn. Each individual cigar smoker has their own preferences, often determined by the occasion and how long they have to indulge in their cigar. If in doubt, look at choosing a cigar sampler, which offers a selection of vitolas to suit the most discerning cigar lover.

How can you be assured of the cigar’s quality?

At Simply Cigars, all Cuban cigars are acquired through Habanos SA, which controls the distribution of all Cuban cigars. Furthermore, they have their own specially trained representatives to ensure the cigar’s weight, ring gauge, length, colour, rolling quality and cap meet strict quality standards before being placed in one of their own walk-in humidors. They ensure all goods are well packaged to keep them in top condition and that they will arrive within three to five business days to any UK mainland address, with free delivery on orders over £100.