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Sadly, in the UK, the days of being able to light up one of your favourite cigars regardless of your location are all but a distant memory. However, don’t despair, as our new app is designed for cigar aficionados wishing to locate the perfect hotel, cigar terrace, cigar lounge or club where they can relax and indulge in a superb cigar.

Since 2007, when the English smoking ban was introduced, there has been a substantial emergence of venues in London, specifically for cigar lovers. We have developed this app to enable you to identify a venue close to your current location; or to browse through a host of terraces and lounges in a new part of the city you may be visiting. You may simply just want to try somewhere new, and our app can tell you what to expect from each venue, so you can choose one which fits the bill.

Paradoxically, the smoking ban has actually enhanced the facilities now offered to cigar lovers. You have your own special areas dedicated to creating a comfortable and relaxing environment, where you will be surrounded by like-minded aficionados who also enjoy the finer things in life.

That’s where our app really comes into its own, as you can explore a wealth of different styles of venue, each offering its own unique facilities and services. You may be seeking a cosy environment with rugs, blankets and sumptuous armchairs; or a sleek and stylish terrace with a stunning vista. You will discover hidden gems all over London with our app, whether you are in Belgravia and happen upon Boisdale’s converted roof terrace decked with its trademark tartan, including cashmere blankets; wish to enjoy the five star cigar experience at one of 10 exclusive tables at The Garden Room at The Lanesborough Hotel; or fancy one of Goucho’s contemporary London venues, renowned for their cowhide seats and Argentine beef.

Our app doesn’t just tell you about the surroundings for cigar aficionados, it goes that one step further and tells you all about the wonderful offerings each venue has. If you are a cocktail lover you may be enchanted by 10 Manchester Street’s signature cocktail, the Tobacco Road, a heavenly mix of Havana Club Añejo Especial and Perique tobacco liqueur; or, if you are a whisky connoisseur, you’re bound to be tempted by Hotel du Vin’s exclusive tie-in with The Whisky Society.

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