A Guide to Pairing Cigars & Beers

Beer is a beloved beverage that captivates our palates and hearts. From Stouts to Indian Pale Ales, Lagers to Bitters, and even Real Ales boasting flavours resembling banana bread, the world of beer offers endless variety. Craft breweries have surged in popularity recently, leading to a newfound fervour in the cigar world. Enthusiasts now seek to uncover the perfect pairings of cigars and beer.

When envisioning a drink alongside a fine cigar, one often conjures images of a gentleman in a smoking jacket, swirling Cognac in a glass, and sharing laughter with friends in a study. However, beer is equally suited for this task and has sparked lively debates, theories, and opinions throughout the cigar community.

Pairing your favourite cigar with a cherished brew is a personal and flavourful exploration. The key lies in experimenting with different combinations to find what resonates with your taste buds. The journey itself is enjoyable and enlightening. One fundamental rule is matching the type of beer with the type of cigar. For instance, full-bodied Cuban cigars harmonise well with heavier, darker beers, while milder cigars find companionship in Pale Ales. You can even explore pairings based on shared flavour notes. A dark ale with hints of chocolate and coffee can stand up well against a cigar with a creamy and nutty profile.

Beer and cigars form a harmonious duo, and one of the critical reasons lies in beer’s carbonation. Like other carbonated drinks, the bubbles in beer serve as a refreshing palate cleanser, allowing you to fully savour the rich tastes and enticing aromas of the cigar and the beer. With the popularity of craft beers, a vast array of beer flavours are now available, offering endless possibilities for pairing with any combination of cigars.

At their core, cigars and beer share fundamental principles and characteristics. Craft beer brewers and premium cigar makers devote time and expertise to craft the perfect blend of flavours, manipulating ingredients and working in harmony with nature. Both industries are influenced by similar factors, such as the choice of plants, the specific regions and climates where they are cultivated, the meticulous fermentation processes, and the careful consideration of colours and appearances. Each industry also employs unique techniques to ensure its products stand out in their respective fields.

The fun lies in your exploration of diverse combinations. To help you get started, we’ve compiled some of our favourite pairings below. Remember not to try them all in one sitting; moderation is essential to a gratifying experience. To embark on your pairing journey, let’s explore some combinations:

Light Beer Pairings: Lighter beers such as pilsners, pale ales, and craft beers pair better with mild cigars. We discovered a genuinely delightful Pale Ale called Cow Down which we enjoyed with a Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto. This contemporary ale is expertly brewed by the team at Stone Daisy Brewery with an emphasis on hop character, perfectly balanced without using darker malts.

Medium Beer Pairings: Pairing an IPA with a medium-bodied cigar can present a challenge due to the wide range of flavours found in IPAs. However, the Juliany Dominican Selection Corona Maduro, with its medium strength, hints of spice, earthiness, and sweetness, harmonizes beautifully with Stone Daisy’s Park Bottom IPA, which offers subtle malt and rich fruit flavours. This combination creates a well-balanced and enjoyable pairing experience.

Dark Beer Pairings: Beers with hops offer a crisp finish and bitter flavours. While there are exceptions, they generally pair well with medium to full-bodied cigars to balance strength and aroma.

The art of pairing cigars and beers is a subjective journey, as personal taste preferences vary greatly. What may be a perfect pairing for one person might not resonate with another? Therefore, the best approach is experimenting with different combinations of beers and cigars to discover what appeals to your unique palate. Embrace the adventure, savour the flavours, and enjoy the journey of finding your perfect cigar and beer pairing. Cheers!

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