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Welcome to Simply Cigars, one of the UK's leading online cigar specialists. We stock cigars from around the world including all Cuban Havana cigars including Cohiba, Montecristo, Upmann, Bolivar, Romeo Y Julietta, Partagas as well as a complete range of cigar humidors and cigar accessories at low prices and shipped worldwide.

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Loyalty Points

What are loyalty points & how do I get some?

When you shop with us, every purchase is worth loyalty points. Every £100 = 1 loyalty point and this is equal to a 1% discount. You can choose to spend or save these points over time.

When you make a purchase your loyalty points will be added to your account. When you come back to make another purchase, you could choose to use these points to give you a discount, or you could save them and build up more points to use in the future.
If you return items, your loyalty points are deducted accordingly. Also loyalty points cannot be used on any items already on sale.
How do I use loyalty points?
Loyalty points are automatically assigned to your account. It may sometimes take 48 hours for your points to show up incase of returns or manual adjustments.
You can see how many points you have collected, and what discount that equates to by logging into your account. You can do this by clicking the 'my account' at the top of this page.
When you get to the checkout, you will again see how many loyalty points/discount you have and by selecting one or other of the loyalty point option buttons, you can choose to spend or save before you complete the order.
When you choose to spend the discount, your order value will be adjusted accordingly and your points then reset to zero so you can start saving again. Loyalty points cannot be used on any items already on sale.