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Welcome to Simply Cigars, one of the UK's leading online cigar specialists. We stock cigars from around the world including all Cuban Havana cigars including Cohiba, Montecristo, Upmann, Bolivar, Romeo Y Julietta, Partagas as well as a complete range of cigar humidors and cigar accessories at low prices and shipped worldwide.

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Cuban Mini, Club & Purito Cigars

Cigarillos, a Spanish word for "little cigar," are tobacco cigars wrapped in a tobacco leaf or skin considerably smaller than a standard cigar. Because of their small stature (some cigarillos may be about the size of a cigarette or even smaller), these tobacco products are held and enjoyed slightly differently than their larger brethren. Many people consider them more accessible to smoke than a standard cigar, as the tip is already removed, and the smaller size allows them to be enjoyed on the go without the extended time frame of a larger cigar.

Made from 100% Cuban tobacco, the Mini Cubanos range is machine rolled in Cuba using the exact source of leaves as hand-made Havana cigars, reflecting the flavour and aroma of the marques they represent. The Club size is slightly bigger, though the range is smaller and produced in the same way as Minis.

All our Cigarillos stock carries the trusted EMS stamp with a unique number so that the history of every box can be traced. Beware of unmarked boxes sold in the UK.

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