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Pairing Cigars & Spirits

There is a longstanding tradition of pairing cigars and spirits, as these two indulgences have long been considered a treat to be enjoyed leisurely. Whether you're sipping whiskey with a fine cigar by the fire on a chilly evening or toasting with a glass of champagne in celebration of a special occasion, the experience can be elevated and intensified when the spirit and cigar are chosen to complement each other in terms of flavour, aroma, and balance.

There has been a revival of this time-honoured custom in the UK. Numerous events are being held that bring together aficionados and enthusiasts alike to enjoy carefully curated pairings of cigars and spirits. Whether you're starting out or already an experienced connoisseur, there is something to suit your palate at these events.

So, if you're looking for the perfect pairing for your next gathering or party with friends or colleagues, look no further than cigars and whisky, champagne or a glass of chilled beer. From smooth whiskies to pungent ports to rich brandies and everything in between, there will surely be an ideal match for any taste or preference. Discover the art of cigar and drink pairing today and take your indulgence to new heights!